Dyfed Superfast Wireless Broadband

Fed up of waiting for superfast broadband to arrive?


How To apply for the Access Broadband Cymru scheme

Download the application form here or call us and we’ll drop one off for you.

Filling in the form

Section 1

If you are applying as an individual then please fill in 1a or if you are applying as a business then complete 1b (check Section 4 regarding European Community Aid).  If you want to apply as a community then please contact us.

Section 2

Please complete this section if the installation address is different from your main address

Section 3

Please read and confirm section 3a.  Dyfed IT provides 12 month contracts and we can provide a minimum of 10Mbps.

Section 4

If you are applying as a business the please read and tick the relevant box.  If you have received European Community Aid which makes your business exempt then you can apply as an individual or pay for the installation.  Please contact us for further information.

Section 5 and 6

Please read these sections carefully and sign and date the form at the end of Section 6.

What’s next…

Send us the form via email to broadband@dyfedit.co.uk, in the post to Dyfed IT Solution Ltd, Llysarad, Newcastle Emlyn. SA38 9DB or call us on 01239 545033 and we’ll collect it at a convenient time.

We’ll check the form, include the required quotation and send the form off for you.