Wi-Fi in a Box

Be up and running in 5 minutes with everything you need in one box

  • Simple to install – just plug in to your existing broadband router
  • Compatible with all broadband
  • Pre-configured to suit your business and requirements
  • Secure, filtered and controlled Wi-Fi and Internet access
  • Window Stickers to advertise you provide Wi-Fi
  • Installation service available, please contact us
  • Call us on 01239 545033 or email wifi@dyfedit.co.uk or order your Wi-Fi in a box

Not sure why you might needs this?

What’s wrong with using my existing broadband router?

  • It’s not secure – normal Wi-Fi routers can give customers access to your network (for example connected PC’s, laptops, printers, Point of sales)
  • You have no control – you have no control over who does what on your Wi-Fi – someone could login and then start downloading which could prevent your other customers using it, prevent you from running your business and use up your allocated bandwidth.
  • With no filtering and no term’s and conditions for your Wi-Fi’s use your business could be vulnerable to complaints and abuse.

Why provide Wi-Fi anyway?

  • People look for places with free Wi-Fi and avoid places that don’t have it
  • People stay longer and buy more when Wi-Fi is available
  • Use your Wi-Fi to promote your business – send special offers, today’s specials or vouchers to come again

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