The simple answer is yes! Phones, laptops and tablets have become an essential part of everyone’s daily life and yes this extends into their valuable holiday time too. In fact at the end of 2013 there were actually more mobile devices on this planet than people!

Whilst some use them purely for fun, uploading holiday pics to all kinds of social media sites etc, some people still need to check their emails and some will continue to work while sitting out on their deckchairs. Don’t blame the kids either as Ofcom have found that more adults are using the internet these days quoting “the proportion of adults using the internet has risen by half – from six in ten in 2005 to almost nine in ten today”. Don’t get me wrong the kids need to be connected to the internet too, if only to keep their parents sane.  

If you own a caravan park, small or large and are not sure whether to install wi-fi or update your existing system then have a read of a testimonial from one of our caravan park customers.

“Dyfed IT came in and transformed our caravan site WiFi! Before, our customers were constantly complaining about lack of service in their vans, drop outs and we were always having to go fix the issues. Since Dyfed IT came in and re fitted all the WiFi nodes and updated the systems we have no issues and if we ever do, I know they will be on hand to come out and fix them. No more calls to people the other end of the country, as Dyfed IT are only round the corner I know they will be here when I need them! Not only have they improved our general site internet but they have also made our customers happier!”  Cenarth Falls Caravan Park

Will it really influence their decision if I don’t have wi-fi?


Access to the internet has become more of an expectation for holidaymakers these days. Statistics revealed that in 2014 42% of holiday makers said that access to wi-fi influenced their decision in booking their break.  So, yes it will if you don’t want to be losing out on these bookings. For example:

Hotel Chatter say 94% of people cite wi-fi as the most important amenity and 38% of those say no wi-fi is a deal breaker and they will book elsewhere.

Daily Mail reported on a study by Thistle Hotels which states that 51%  said that free wi-fi is crucial to their enjoyment of their escape.

Is it safe to have my guests on my personal internet?

No it’s not.  Whilst many businesses allow ‘guests’ to connect to their ‘home/business hub’ by giving them their password to use, this approach has a number of high risk issues:

  1. Insecure – you may unwittingly give access to your PC, laptop or printers.  Worse still, if you have an EPOS system then you could be letting anyone get access!
  2. No control – No control over who and when people have access, no control over how much they can download or if they can slow down or stop your Internet access.
  3. Unfiltered access – with no Terms and conditions about it’s use or control over what people can access you may be liable.

‘Guest’ Wi-fi systems are designed to to provide your guests, customers, clients or visitors with secure, controlled and filtered access to the Internet without them gaining access to your own systems. More info on this HERE 

What else do I get out of it?

When your guests log into your “Guest” wi-fi you get their Name & Email address meaning you can use this information to send them specific marketing email which will hopefully encourage them to book again with you next year!

You can also use this to ask them to ‘like’ your page on Facebook or follow you on Twitter, this in turn can reach hundreds of potential new guests that you again can market to at a very low cost!

Wi-Fi in a box

We provide the perfect solution to keeping you and your business safe and your customers happy and surfing!  Wi-Fi in a box is easy to buy and install, have a look HERE for more info and buy.

Or Contact us today to see how we can help you install secure & hassle free Wi-Fi for your guests!