Wi-Fi for Hotels and B&Bs

Giving your guests access to Wi-Fi is a must these days.  It influences their decision when choosing what Hotel or B&B to stay at so it’s essential to provide this service.

‘Guest’ Wi-fi systems are designed to provide your guests with secure, controlled and filtered access to the Internet, keeping your business data safe and secure.

Benefits of our Wi-fi solutions

  • Your customers get quality and reliable Internet access
  • Your internal network, PC’s, printers etc are secure and isolated from your customers
  • Fully managed solutions mean no more headaches for you.
  • Cost effective
  • Internet access is filtered making it child friendly
  • You can provide free access or charge for use
  • Collect valuable marketing data such as email addresses or have people sign-in via Facebook
  • Works with your existing broadband or we can provide standard or superfast fiber broadband for faster Internet access
  • We can provide solutions that scale and are easy to extend
  • You can provide Internet access to all areas, indoor and outdoor.

Wi-Fi in a Box

An easy to install Wi-Fi access point that you plug into your existing broadband router.  Comes with everything you need to get up and running in minutes, all pre-configured with security, content filtering and setup to collect your customer’s email addresses or ‘likes’ on your Facebook page.

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