Wi-Fi for Holiday Cottages

Safe and Secure Wi-Fi Solutions for Holiday Cottages

There is no getting away from it, giving your guests access to Wi-Fi is a must these days.  It influences their decision when choosing what property to stay at so it’s essential to provide this service.

Dyfed IT offer two options for holiday cottages depending on the size of your complex.

Small Complex/Single Holiday Cottage

For the smaller property owners we can provide you with “Wi-Fi in a box Simple to set up this little box of magic connects to your own router and allows you to safely and securely give your guests access to the internet without giving over your own hub password, we all know how dangerous that can be! If you don’t realize how dangerous giving guests your own hub password can be please read this article and stay safe!

This is simple to set up and ideal for the smaller property owner who does not have to get Wi-Fi signal

Large Holiday Complex

For larger complexes we can design a solution especially for your business.  With WI-Fi nodes discreetly positioned around your complex we can “bounce” Wi-Fi signal around your properties easily creating “Wi-Fi Hotspots” without losing any of the signal.
Again you have the peace of mind knowing that your personal and business data is safely secured and your guests do not have access to anything you dont want them to!

With both of these solutions you are able to capture customer details such as email address etc that you can then use to send out customer newsletters or run Facebook ad campaigns.  Customer tend to respond well to newsletters or ads from companies they are familiar with, so this is even more reason to get set up.

Benefits from our Wi-fi solutions

  • Your customers get quality and reliable Internet access
  • Your internal network, PC’s, printers etc are secure and isolated from your customers
  • Fully managed solutions mean no more headaches for you
  • Cost effective
  • Internet access is filtered making it child friendly
  • You can provide free access or charge for use
  • Collect valuable marketing data such as email addresses or have people sign-in via Facebook
  • Works with your existing broadband or we can provide standard or superfast fiber broadband for faster Internet access
  • We can provide solutions that scale and are easy to extend
  • You can provide Internet access to all areas, indoor and outdoor

Wi-Fi in a Box

An easy to install Wi-Fi access point that you plug into your existing broadband router.  Comes with everything you need to get up and running in minutes, all pre-configured with security, content filtering and setup to collect your customer’s email addresses or ‘likes’ on your Facebook page.

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