95% of homes within reach of superfast broadband

We live in rural West Wales where superfast broadband to some homes is just a dream. Well our guys should wear their pants over their overalls just like this superhero as we're actively getting superfast broadband to some of the most difficult areas. We're doing it with the help of the Government and the £440m [...]

We need your land!

Does your community have problems accessing superfast broadband? If you have some spare land and are interested in letting us pop a mast on it then get in touch with us on 01239 545 033 to see if it's suitable and discuss options. We will compensate you and your neighbours just might put you on [...]


I recently wrote about the dangers of our kids using the internet and it became apparent that cyberbullying was a major player. Not only our kids being bullied but also what happens when we find out our kids are doing the bullying! Researching this left me not wanting my daughter to ever use the internet [...]

Setting online limits for your kids

As the mother of a 5 year old girl I’m already worried about what she can watch online. Yes she already has a tablet to use as she watches Netflix and loves YouTube. Is it too young? Well not according to a survey by Mumsnet.com, they say children as young as 3 have full unsupervised [...]