“Get off the internet! I need to send an email urgently!”

Is this how your house sounds most evenings when more than one of you is fighting for the internet? Well you’re far from alone. Most of us in rural Wales have been struggling with this issue for years and it’s become quite a nightmare in some areas, especially if you run your business from home. Some villages have at last got it sorted but if your village is one of the unlucky ones then you’ll know the frustration of trying to connect when somebody else in your house is online!

We can hopefully stop the arguments in your house, well the one about superfast broadband anyway!

2016-07-18 13.47.52

How does it work?

Well, instead of it coming down your phone line it gets beamed to a mast in your area, we fix an antenna or dish at your home/business and then we stick a wireless access point in your place so all you need to do then is connect all your laptops, phones, tables, games consoles etc to it, easy!

How do I get it?

You may be eligible for the Access Broadband Cymru (ABC) scheme, this provides grants to fund or part-fund the installation costs for businesses and homes in Wales. All you need to do is ring us on 01239 545 033 give us your postcode and your landline number. We can then check and advise you if we can help install Dyfed Superfast broadband into your home.

What if there’s no mast near me?

We’re always looking to put more masts up to help more homes. You may know of a landowner that is willing to have a mast installed, we will compensate them for using their land and more people will be able to connect, win/win.

So give us a call 01239 545 033 and we may be able to install peace in your home aswell as superfast broadband!