Do you remember going to the pub before smart phones? I’m more old school, I like going to the pub or out for a meal and not spend the whole time checking my phone. It seems I’m in the minority as more and more pubs and restaurants are having to put wi-fi in to meet customer demand.

According to a recent BT study on the subject they found that 61% of people search for wi-fi when they go out socialising, 45% said it was important to have wi-fi access!

Are you surprised? I was until I went out recently and saw it in action. I wasn’t sure why half the people in the pub were even there as they weren’t talking to each other, maybe they were messaging each other on Facebook? I thought going to the pub meant socialising, having a chat and catch up with the girls. Not just using the free wi-fi provided.

I wasn’t the only one bewildered at the phone hugging going on though, I spoke to the manager and he said having free wi-fi was the only way to fill the place these days. He was having complaints from the customers so he put it in, then they complained that it was slow and kept losing the connection so he had to upgrade it. Looking around it seemed to be working now as the place was packed and everybody was happily phone hugging. So I decided to join them and we were all soon laughing and showing each other pictures and swapping stories.

What are your views on the use of phones at the pub? Should free wi-fi be provided? Do you use your phone everywhere?