How to keep your kids safe online

Keeping your kids safe online is one of the biggest challenges parents face and it’s growing daily. According to Norton by Symantec “Statistics vary, but at least 20 percent of kids will receive harassing, hateful or insulting message.”

As parents we want to know our kids are safe online, so here are top tips  to keep your children safe whilst surfing the web;

1.Set your broadband parental controls. A lot of internet providers offer a free service so you can choose what your child can have access to online. Also if your child has a smartphone you can check the parental control settings, alternatively you can download Parental control apps.

2.Turn Search safely on!

3.Don’t opening spam emails when they come from somewhere suspicious.

4.Talk to your kids about the dangers of cyber crime, such as cyber bullying. You can find out more about cyber bullying on

5.If your child uses social media, look out for the privacy settings so you can make sure they can only share and chat with people they know.

6.Make sure everything in your home network has a good password and security settings.

7. Alternatively you can purchase a Wi-Fi in a box from Dyfed IT to add to your existing broadband as we can filter the contents your children can see so you don’t have to worry. Click here for more info