What do we mean by Guest Wi-Fi?

‘Guest’ Wi-Fi systems are designed to to provide your guests, customers, clients or visitors with secure, controlled and filtered access to the Internet.  Whilst many businesses allow ‘guests’ to connect to their ‘home/business hub’ this approach has a number of issues:

  1. Insecure – you may unwittingly give access to your PC, laptop or printers.  Worse still, if you have an EPOS system then you could be letting anyone get access!
  2. No control – No control over who and when people have access, no control over how much they can download or if they can slow down or stop your Internet access.

     3.Unfiltered access – with no Terms and conditions about it’s use or control over what people can access you may be liable.

Dyfed IT are specialists in designing and installing ‘Guest’ Wi-Fi solutions.  We’ve install systems in large holiday parks, hotels, B&B’s, holiday cottages, cafes and even a castle! And they’re all covered by our LOCAL support!

You get these benefits from our Wi-Fi solutions:

  • Your customers get quality and reliable Internet access
  • Your internal network, PC’s, printers etc are secure and isolated from your customers
  • Fully managed solutions mean no more headaches for you.
  • Cost effective
  • Internet access is filtered making it child friendly
  • You can provide free access or charge for use
  • Collect valuable marketing data such as email addresses or have people sign-in via Facebook
  • Works with your existing broadband or we can provide standard or superfast fiber broadband for faster Internet access
  • We can provide solutions that scale and are easy to extend
  • You can provide Internet access to all areas, indoor and outdoor.

‘Guest’ Wi-Fi  can be installed in:

Wi-Fi in a Box

An easy to install Wi-Fi access point that you plug into your existing broadband router.  Comes with everything you need to get up and running in minutes, all pre-configured with security, content filtering and setup to collect your customer’s email addresses or ‘likes’ on your Facebook page.


To buy Wi-Fi in a Box Click Here 

Or call us to discuss the options on 01239 545033 or email wifi@dyfedit.co.uk for more information.