Is your computer at risk?

In light of the recent Cyber attack it has got everybody worried if there computer is at risk. The WannaCry Virus only infects machines running Windows. If you do not update Windows regularly, and do [...]

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Barley Saturday 29th April

The biggest event in Cardigan's calender is Barley Saturday, which has been held on the last Saturday in April since the 19th Century. It is an annual event that was started in 1871 when originally [...]

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Are broadband introductory deals worth it?

The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) have released a report on introductory broadband deals, summarising that most people are unaware of the huge price hikes once the first year is up. Were you aware that they [...]

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CCTV for Farmers

Rural farmers are struggling at the moment after a spate of thefts in the area, as reported by The Tivyside Advertiser this week. "Eight galvanised steel gates have been stolen from various farms in and [...]

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Internet dating – good or bad?

I tried internet dating this week! I know, I know...was I that desperate? Not really but my (supposedly good) friend said it was a good idea. How wrong could she be? (and I'm still not [...]

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Should carehomes offer wi-fi for their residents?

Were you aware that internet use for those aged 65 and over tripled between 2006 - 2013? The Office of National Statistics say that the older generation have now turned to the internet for their [...]

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