We live in rural West Wales where superfast broadband to some homes is just a dream. Well our guys should wear their pants over their overalls just like this superhero as we’re actively getting superfast broadband to some of the most difficult areas.

We’re doing it with the help of the Government and the £440m available in grants. BT have to repay approximately £292m to the government and they have £150m in cost savings. Leaving a nice sum to aid with getting homes and businesses up to speed by the end of the year.

In 2010 the Government paid BT to get superfast broadband to areas that other providers said it was too expensive to install. If more than 20% of the premises in that area took up the offer then BT have had to repay subsidies, hence the repayment of approximately £292m.

If you want to see if we can help you and your community then give us a call on 01239 545 033, we’ll check your postcode and let you know if you’re eligible. If so the Welsh Government will pay up to 90% of the installation costs. If the costs are below £800 then the Government will pay 100% of the costs, all you pay is the monthly broadband fee.

Ring us on 01239 545 033 or email info@dyfedit.co.uk